Flavored Dry Fruit Sweets in Gift Box

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Delicious goodness with a twist of health, all wrapped up in love. This Gift Box is loaded with happiness. Give this to a dear one to make them appreciate snacks all over again. World is a better place with good snacks - Packed with Rose Petal Cashew Nuts, Cranberry, and Berry Melange Florentines!

    • Gift Box
    • Cranberry 60g
    • Berry Melange Florentines 95g
    • Rose Petal Cashews 80g

Product specifications :

  • Gift Box
    • Size: 9.1 x 9.1 x 1.8
  • Cranberry 60g
    • Weight: 70gms
    • Flavour: Cranberry
  • Berry Melange Florentines 95g
    • Type: Mewa Bite
    • Weight: 95gms
    • Shelf Life: 30 Days
  • Rose Petal Cashews
    • Weight: 80gms
    • Flavour: Rose Petal Cashews